IZZIX Secure Standard Edition is a PC security software for the clients using
  the fingerprint authentication technology among the biometrics technologies.
  Since the basic PC user authentication is managed by using the fingerprint
  authentication information of the user, it is enabled to prevent the release of
  password, and keep security of the client PC more effectively from the access
  of malicious hacker or outside person.
  The functions of file encrypt/decrypt and entire deletion by security folder and
  shell enable the user to keep and manage the files in the userí»s PC more easily
  and effectively.
  By using the basic account information of Windows OS as itself and realizing
  the OS-friendly user interface through Windows common control, any confusion
  or discomfort of the user from installation of new software was minimized.
  It supports the domain user function that can be used by installing it for the
  client who uses the Active Director of Windows Server System(2003, 2000).
Adding, deleting and changing the user (incl. domain user).
Changing the environment setting (option).
Deleting the log.
Enabling encrypt/decrypt of security folder/file.
Multiple managers enabled.

Authority to uninstall the installation of IZZIX Secure SE, with the function of

IZZIX manager.
One person only.
File encrypt/decrypt.
Changing the setting for the user (change, addition and deletion of fingerprint
System can be used depending on the IZZIX environment setting.
If usable, the function of IZZIX program cannot be used.
Windows OS Fingerprint Authentication Log-On IZZIX-Secure Standard Edition
supports various log-on systems to the password authentication system
provided by Windows OS, through Manager Console setting.
-[Fingerprint Authentication / PWD Authentication / Fingerprint+PWD
    Authentication / Fingerprint or PWD Authentication]
  -At the initial setting, it is set at Fingerprint Authentication.

Screensaver Lock Fingerprint Authentication Cancel In case of cancel by

  operation of Screensaver, log-on is executed using the userí»s fingerprint
  Supports the File / Folder Encrypt/Decrypt.
  Executed by SEED 128Bit.
  Supports Security Folder.
  -For setting the designated or newly made folder, the user can encrypt the file
    by Drag & Drop only to the security folder.
  -Security folder is designated at the Manager Console when installing the
    IZZIX program.
  -Security unlock of any file can be done after fingerprint authentication.
  -The security status of files is automatically managed through search of
    security folder, in order to prevent occurrence of unsecured file in the
    security folder due to careless use or unstableness of OS.
  This is the function that locks the PC immediately if the user cannot wait for the
  stand-by time of Screensaver, in case of temporary absence in the state of
log-on of PC. To cancel the locking, fingerprint authentication of the user is
In long-time use of IZZIX program, it is the function for the possibility to forget
  the password of OS. When necessary to change the password of OS, the user
  can make new password only because the previous password is automatically
  remembered and filled with fingerprint authentication only.
     Automatic fingerprint authentication with any UI to avoid the inconvenience of
  the fingerprint authentication window appearing in case of using IZZIX
  IZZIX program provides the wizard for easy and comfortable registration
  of the user.
  It supports automatic installation of driver to avoid separate process for
  troublesome hardware installation.
  Adding, deleting and changing the user.
  Possible to add the domain user and general user.
  -Even for the domain user, it can be installed immediately in case of OS Admin
    of Local PC.
Log-On by Other User than Fingerprint-registered
It supports log-on by general user (nonuser of IZZIX program) through
password authentication.
Authentication by Password without Fingerprint Reader
  If the user is out or the fingerprint is broken or lost, temporary authentication
  by the password is allowed.
Basic Authentication
It provides various authentication environment using the fingerprint and
Security Folder Maintenance
It sets the search time whether security is kept.
Deletion of OS Welcome Message before Log-On
It conceals the OS welcome message at the time of Windows log-on.
Deletion of Locking State Dialogue Box at the time of PC Locking
  It conceals the locking state dialogue box at the time of Windows locking.
  Log support for log-on of PC, file access, etc.